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In Perón's second term, economic difficulties and conflicts with the powerful Catholic Church arose. In the second game, Argentina was able to win 3-1 against Northern Ireland, but in the final game the Argentines suffered their heaviest defeat to date with a 1:6 against Czechoslovakia and were eliminated as the bottom of the group. Large assets belonging to the National Socialists were also transferred to Argentina via so-called key companies. Due to the large distances, almost every major city in Argentina has an airport. For example, elections to the Senate and the House of Representatives are usually held together with mayoral elections, which leads to distortions due to the so-called Listas Sábanas. Nahuel Guzman nominated. Not included is Mauro Icardi, one of the top two goalscorers in Italy's Serie A 2017/18. Manuel Lanzini was also unable to take part in the tournament due to a cruciate ligament tear. In qualifying, CONMEBOL's second- and third-best scorers were Lionel Messi with ten and Higuaín with nine.

The Argentinians, who have been coached by Gerardo Martino since 2014, were without the injured Lionel Messi in the four games. The law on financing private universities that came into force in 1958 prohibits financial support, but has permitted targeted funding of individual research projects since the 1990s under Menem. Since 2012, the Gender Identity Act has been in force, allowing a gender entry to be changed without a psychiatric evaluation or gender reassignment surgery. Since 1944, this has been subordinate to the Secretaría de Cultura de la Municipalidad de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires. From the mouth of the Río Paraná on the Atlantic, Spanish branches were founded on the river system of the Río de la Plata ("Silver River"), including Buenos Aires first in 1536. Like Paraguay before it in 1811, Bolivia in 1825 and Uruguay in 1828 split from the then United States Provinces of the Río de la Plata. In 1776, the viceroyalty of the Río de la Plata with the capital Buenos Aires was split off, which, in addition to Argentina, also included today's Paraguay, Uruguay and parts of today's Bolivia. In addition to the border areas (e.g. Jujuy and Formosa) the rich central provinces in particular have to struggle the most with urban poverty and with it the formation of slums.

The 1930s in particular are now referred to as the Década infame, the notorious decade in which democracy existed only on paper and electoral fraud was the order of the day. The years from 1880 to 1912 were characterized by large numbers of immigrants, mainly Italians and Spaniards, who settled in the cities and in so-called "colonies" in the countryside. The country finally gained independence on July 9, 1816 in San Miguel de Tucumán. The northern provinces, especially the province of Tucumán and the north-east (Chaco, Formosa, Santiago del Estero) were hardest hit by poverty and malnutrition until around the turn of the millennium. The Latinized name Argentina ("Silver Land") for the colony first appears in the Title of the long historical poem La Argentina, printed in Portugal in 1602, by Martín del Barco Centenera, in which the former conquistador and deacon describes the conquest of the La Plata colony, in the style of La Araucana, the successful verse novel by Alonso de Ercilla y Zúñiga about the war of conquest in Chile. The kidnapping in October 1975 of Heinrich Metz, the production manager responsible for Mercedes-Benz's Argentina site (he was later released for a ransom of several million US dollars) triggered a wave of refugees who worked for German companies in Argentina.

Perón's second term of office, from October 1973 to his death on July 1, 1974, brought only a minor calm to Argentina's political and economic situation. On the other hand, second-placed Ronaldo had a best result of 32 second places. Overall, the result this year at the top was tighter than in the two previous years. In contrast, the central provinces (Buenos Aires, Santa Fe, Córdoba, San Luis and Mendoza) and the extreme south (Santa Cruz and Tierra del Fuego) were considered relatively rich. Finally, the Región Patagonica consists of the provinces of Chubut, La Pampa, Neuquén, Río Negro, Santa Cruz and Tierra del Fuego. The democratically elected governments of Frondizi (1958-1962) and Illias (1963-1966) were prematurely overthrown by the anti-Peronist military. Immigration from the poorer neighboring countries of Peru, Bolivia and Paraguay, as well as internal migration from remote areas of the interior, despite a slowdown in the 1990s, was a problem in the big cities, which kept the number of slum dwellers growing despite social housing programs.

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