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The years from 1880 to 1912 were characterized by large numbers of immigrants, mainly Italians and Spaniards, who settled in the cities and in so-called "colonies" in the countryside. Menem's neoliberal economic policy and the 1:1 peg of the Argentine peso to The US dollar was extremely successful during his first term in office and was able to stabilize the country.However, during his second term in office, the negative sides of this economic policy became more and more noticeable.The under the impression of the French Revolution and the Napoleonic Wars in Europe on May 25, 1810 Independence declared in Buenos Aires initially only had a local effect as the May Revolution, but led to a nationwide war of liberation against the Spanish Under Perón, who sympathized with fascist ideas, Argentina pursued the goal of repelling communism by making concessions to the workers. Administratively, today's Argentina was initially part of the Viceroyalty of Peru, which included all of South America with the exception of Venezuela and the Portuguese sphere of influence. During his first reign, the country's industrialization, which had begun after the Great Depression around 1930, was deepened and an import substitution policy was implemented. During his reign, the triple alliance war from 1864 to 1870 took place, in which Argentina, together with Brazil and Uruguay, prevailed against expansive tendencies in Paraguay, which at that time had developed into one of the strongest military powers in South America.

Dybala won the Superclásico de las Américas (2017, 2019) against Brazil with Argentina for the second time this year. The 60thBallon d'Or (French for golden ball) was awarded for the sixth time in 2015 by France Football magazine and the world football association FIFA under the name FIFA Ballon d'Or and chose the "World Footballer of the Year". Between 1816 and Argentina's development was marked by dictatorships (under the Bonarese governor Juan Manuel de Rosas) and civil wars in 1880. After the vote was published, Nicaragua national team captain Juan Barrera and Sudan national team coach Zdravko Logarušić declared that their votes had been falsified From the estuary of the Río Paraná on the Atlantic, Spanish branches were founded on the river system of the Río de la Plata ("Silver River"), including Buenos Aires first in 1536. In 1776, the Viceroyalty of the Río de la Plata with the capital Buenos Aires was split off, which included Argentina, today's Paraguay, Uruguay and parts of today's Bolivia. It was about the Falkland Islands off Argentina (referred to as "Islas Malvinas" in Argentina), which according to Argentine legal opinion belong to their own national territory, but are also regarded as their own sovereign territory by Great Britain and have been under its administration since 1833.

In April 1982, Argentina, under the new junta chief Leopoldo Galtieri, messi argentina jerseys began the Falklands War against Britain. Argentina was officially neutral during World War II. The kidnapping in October 1975 of Heinrich Metz, the production manager responsible for Mercedes-Benz's Argentina site (he was later released for a ransom of several million US dollars) triggered a wave of refugees who worked for German companies in Argentina. The political calculations of Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, who has been criticized for his corona policy, among other things, also played a role in the short-term award of the tournament to Brazil. ↑ abc Chile happy: Brazil relinquish Copa. ↑ World Cup 2022: Insane passport value! ↑ Copa America 2015 – Team of the tournament. Otamendi joined the Valencia FC team for the 2014/15 season. There were also own goals from Bolivian player Ronald Raldes in the game against Chile and Chilean player Gary Medel in the semi-final against Peru.

In this game, the Brazilians showed their best performance of the tournament, but found their teeth in the Argentine defence. However, argentina jersey messi De la Rúa was unable to quickly and sustainably improve the muddled economic situation left behind by his predecessor. But as Germany recovered from a 2-0 deficit just before the end and pushed for the winner, Maradona made the crucial pass to Burruchaga, who completed it with a 3-2 winner. Politically, this time can be described as a sham democracy, because the government of Julio Argentino Roca and the following governments were oligarchically oriented, with great influence of the large landowners. In 1999 the Menem government was replaced by a centre-left coalition with President Fernando de la Rúa. As a result, the Unión Cívica Radical, which emerged from the bourgeois protest movement, came to power in 1916. The majority of the population were deprived of their political rights through an ingenious system of electoral fraud by the governing party, the Partido Autonomista Nacional, which ruled uninterruptedly from 1874 to 1916; the immigrants also had no voting rights.

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