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Since the teams ahead of them, Colombia and Peru, drew in the games played at the same time and Chile lost in Brazil, Argentina jumped up to third place and thus qualified directly for the World Cup finals. Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego were redivided, giving 54,000 km² to Chile and 40,000 km² to Argentina. It's been 36 years since Diego Maradona's "hand of God" showed Argentina the way to the World Cup title. After four unsuccessful attempts since 2006, when he first appeared on the World Cup stage in Germany, he followed Maradona's example Apart from Maradona, striker Jorge Valdano was the only real star of the team His grandparents had emigrated to Argentina from Italy: Messi's father Jorge Horácio Messi was a factory worker and his mother Celia María Cuccittini worked as a cleaning lady. At the 1982 World Cup in Spain, for which Argentina automatically qualified as the defending champions, Argentina started with the same line of defense as in 1978. The offensive department had been renewed with Maradona, Juan Barbas, Ramón Díaz and Jorge Valdano. "I want to see a few more games as a world champion," he told TyC Sports on Sunday night. "I love football, what I do. I enjoy being in the national team." In 2026, at the upcoming World Cup in the USA, Canada and Mexico, the 35-year-old will no longer be there, as he had already announced.

Almost a month and a half later, Messi surprisingly announced that he would continue after all – "because I love my country and this shirt too much". Messi led the parade with the World Cup trophy in hand. Messi would agree with him unreservedly. The press conference with him was canceled. Who could blame him. Under him, the Argentines drew in the following three qualifiers, leaving them just sixth before the last game. 114, 74 in North and Central America, 21 in South America and 17 in Africa. For players who were under contract outside of Argentina, the country concerned is written out and indicated with a flag. "He is among us. There, goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez became an outstanding player. A goal in a cup game caused quite a stir in 2007: Messi sprinted half the pitch in 12 seconds, outplaying four players and the goalkeeper. At the Copa America 2007, his team "only" finished second. At the World Cup in Brazil in 2014, the team became runners-up after losing to Germany in the final.

Ivo Viktor (1976), Oliver Kahn (2001, messi soccer jersey 2002) and Manuel Neuer (2014) finished third. The 35-year-old shines in a new role and does not shy away from confrontation. The Argentine party afterwards knew no bounds. Argentina had qualified as group winners. Furthermore, the voseo prevails in Argentina, i. 1 This game was postponed one day due to the unplayability of the field. While at the turn of the millennium people were still horrified when the team scored in Iceland, Cyprus or even the Faroe Islands, today they look forward to every game played by the national team with pleasure and great enthusiasm, which usually happens at a breathtaking pace glamorous ball relays is designed to be as attractive as it is successful, even against big soccer nations like Brazil, Holland or Argentina. The Argentinian, Italian-born footballer Lionel Messi is considered the "talent of the century": He was voted "World Footballer of the Year" seven times and has been part of the world footballer "Dream Team" since 2020 – the fictional "best football team of all time", chosen by the French Football magazine "France Football".

He is considered to be the creator of the so-called totaal voetbal (total football), in which each player is attacker and defender at the same time, the game is characterized by pressing and sliding and all four corners of the field are occupied by players. After the flow of immigrants dried up around 1930, messi argentina jersey industrialization brought a flow of internal migrants whose destination was also Buenos Aires and – by far – Córdoba and Rosario. Lionel Messi was born into modest circumstances on June 24, 1987 in Rosario, Argentina. ↑ Messi is European Footballer of the Year. As FIFA Ballon d'Or winners are also included in the FIFA World Player of the Year winners list, Messi became the new sole record holder there too, ahead of three-time winners Ronaldo and Zinedine Zidane. In the darkening of football that we are currently experiencing, the dying of hope for the fulfillment of that utopia that football always embodies in the midst of commercialized mass culture, with its ideological mobilization of fans and football politics, of which football is of course just as much a part, Messi embodies and his team the other, the ideal core of every work of art: the creation of real life.

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