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Free PSD may revolution template designArgentina's main bus station is Retiro in Buenos Aires. Since 1944, this has been subordinate to the Secretaría de Cultura de la Municipalidad de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires. Since 2003, the funding has been trying to remedy the considerable difficulties Argentinean companies have in recruiting technically qualified personnel. The law on financing private universities that came into force in 1958 prohibits financial support, but has permitted targeted funding of individual research projects since the 1990s under Menem. The Kirchner government has increased support for technical schools from 5 to 15 million pesos and for 2006 it is planning an increase to a total of 260 million pesos. In 2006, the government under Néstor Kirchner drew up a "Megaplan Eisenbahn" which included a 710 km long Cobra high-speed line between Buenos Aires and Córdoba, operated at up to 320 km/h, for 2011. From a tourist point of view there are some interesting trains, e.g. These include the Tren a las Nubes in the province of Salta, La Trochita – the only narrow-gauge steam railway in Argentina that runs between Esquel and Nahuel Pan – and the Tren del Fin del Mundo in the province of Tierra del Fuego. From the late 1980s, the provinces of Argentina, with the exception of the province of Buenos Aires, merged into regions with the aim of coordinating economic, infrastructure and development policies and creating a counterweight to the dominant position of the greater Buenos Aires area.

Free PSD argentina independence day poster template This system has been implemented in almost all Argentine provinces with minor variations; however, the designations vary, for example in the province of Córdoba the ETUC is called the CBU (Ciclo Básico Unitario). The Región del Nuevo Cuyo consists of the provinces of Mendoza, San Juan, La Rioja and San Luis. The prize was awarded by a jury made up of 71 national coaches, 167 national team captains and 170 specialist journalists. From the 15th week, an abortion is only permitted in the event of rape and if the mother's life is in danger. In the 2020 Amnesty International report, the organization complained about "excessive use of force by police officers" and cases of enforced disappearances that are not sufficiently investigated by the state. The land rights of indigenous communities are not recognized or implemented (as of 2020), although their right to their ancestral Territories are enshrined in the constitution. Today they are promoted by the Comisión Nacional Protectora de Bibliotecas Populares. Since 1977 there has been the Confederación Argentina de Bibliotecas Populares. The Junta de Bibliotecas Universitarias Argentinas (JUBIUA), founded in 1963, represents the interests of state university libraries vis-à-vis the government and develops joint targets. The Board of Governors (Junta de Gobernadores) and the Executive Committee (Comité Ejecutivo) have existed as official institutions since 2004. In May 2006, the politically critical magazine "Caras y Caretas" published an article warning of the growing proximity of some private educational institutions to orthodox religious institutions, such as the Universidad Austral to Opus Dei.

It has only a low degree of integration and has existed since 1988. It also has a Board of Governors and an Executive Committee as institutions, but these are of little practical importance. Politicians have been trying to get this problem under control through continuous internal quality tests since the late 1990s. In 1995, the school system was reformed in many provinces: since then, the first nine years of schooling have been known as EGB (Educación General Básica), and the secondary school, which is divided into several branches, is instead called 'Polimodal'. However, the routes reactivated as a result of this plan often had to be shut down again immediately due to technical deficits in the rails or the rolling stock. However, routes are still being shut down or derelict and are not being restored. Squash and paddle tennis are also played by large parts of the population. This means that around 73% of the population has completed at least primary school, around 30% at least secondary school and only around 10% have a postgraduate degree.

About 14% have not completed primaria, about 29% have completed primary, about 14% have not completed secondary, about 16% have completed secondary, about 5% have advanced non-university degrees and about 5% have university degrees. Numerous private universities opened their doors during the reign of the neoliberal Peronist Menem. Córdoba, the country's second largest city with 1.6 million inhabitants, has larger production facilities and is home to the country's oldest university, the Universidad Nacional de Córdoba. The oldest university is the University of Córdoba, which was founded in 1613 and is now the second largest in the country (about 4.7% of GDP, resulting in a budget deficit).. In 2021, with Lionel Messi (Ballon d'Or) and Robert Lewandowski (FIFA world footballer), there were two different "World Footballers of the Year" for the first time". France Football created a counterpart to the Ballon d'Or in 2019 with the Ballon d'Or féminin.

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