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Retrieved April 24, 2023 (German)

280 million interactions from 88 million members worldwide set a new record on Facebook. Last but not least, Facebook lists which posts from players (or their press team) generated the most feedback. From the start of redemocratization in 1983, this increased to hyperinflation, which peaked in 1989. That's why he's a real leader for her, at the age of 35 at the peak of his creativity and ready to throw off his nemesis, the eternal shadow and guiding star Maradona, at the hour of completion. In 1968, Pino Solanas released La hora de los hornos (English: The Hour of the Blast Furnaces), a film that is considered one of the pinnacles of Latin American political cinema. An hour before the game, Dieguito walked proudly and confidently across the pitch and, contrary to all his usual habits, gave an interview to a local broadcaster on the pitch. In the press conference he spoke of his worst defeat, "the hardest moment" in his life, which was already characterized by many lows. Football should be different, life should be different.

The choice of words may be a bit exaggerated overall, but neither the Germans nor the Argentines were that one-sidedly good or bad. However, it also became clear that in modern football it is probably no longer enough for a coach to be a mere motivator who transfers his charisma to a team. And this human drama, one way or another, will move into the next act today. Today, any tactically well-trained and well-trained team can defend and disrupt or even "destroy" the opponent's game. Ecuador, who had started qualifying with four wins, had then dropped sharply and even before this game had no chance of qualifying for the World Cup. The workers' club and Maradona association "Boca Juniors" lost its innocence when it became the cradle of Mauritio Macri, who was its president for 12 years, and subsequently, with its resulting image as a successful entrepreneur, was elected to the mayoralty of Buenos Aires in 2007 Aires won and was elected President of Argentina at the end of 2015, and who embodied the reactionary throwback to the spirit of dictatorship. The President of the Nation ("Presidente de la Nación Argentina", "Poder Ejecutivo Nacional") is the head of state and head of government in person and has a powerful position, including the ability to govern by decree.

If Messi hadn't hit Per Mertesacker's head with his shot from the corner of the goal area, but had hit the goal from there, the game could have taken a different turn. The team went into the game far too slowly, argentina jersey messi too statically and too sluggishly. Accordingly, the sportingly irrelevant game will no longer be made up for, and both associations have to pay CHF 150,000 each. You could see that last night at Paraquay, who made life difficult for the Spaniards until the end. In the extreme north, the animal world is very diverse: different species of monkeys, jaguars, pumas, ocelots, raccoons, coatis, anteaters, but also tapirs, peccaries and reptiles such as snakes and caimans live here. Whether this victory for the German team is also a great victory for Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel is, as a poster "Berliner Freiheit" suggested in the forum of Welt Online after the game (The hardest moment of my life), but must be doubted. Messi will come home. But we know the world. For Maradona, however, a world may have collapsed yesterday afternoon. But that is pure hypothesis, speculation and now old news.

Not only are they the high-flyers of the World Cup, they are now on cloud nine, including the chancellor, who was shown five or six times as if on state television, especially when she celebrated the four goals and that's why didn't pull her lips down. Especially since ten minutes before and especially fifteen minutes after the break, the Albiceleste had a powerful urge phase, where the German build-up game stalled violently thanks to the great pressure and the eleven, including Schweinsteiger, lost the balls to the opponent all too quickly. From the very first second, they just pushed the balls, played backwards and made mistakes during the build-up, while the German team seemed lively, fresh and mentally up to the mark and then with a little luck and with the help of sleepy Argentinians they were ice cold exploited. Something of all of us is in Lionel Messi. Can we force fate or does fate force us?

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