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Most successful shooters are Lionel Messi (3)

After the victory, the media went wild in their judgments about the winning team. As a result, playful clashes between the two former friends, who no longer even shook hands, were dubbed the Wanda derbies in the media. The last game between the two was the 1986 World Cup semifinals, in which Diego Maradona scored twice in the eventual world champions' 2-0 win. Argentines have been named the best player of the tournament three times: in 1986 Diego Maradona and in 2014 and 2022 Lionel Messi (as the only player twice). The Argentines only lost one out of seven. In the second game, Argentina was able to win 3-1 against Northern Ireland, but in the final game the Argentines suffered their heaviest defeat to date with a 1:6 against Czechoslovakia and were eliminated as the bottom of the group. After that, there was less talk of the "tanks" and more of the "Rumpelfüßler" who at best fight and "straddle" the opponent, but cannot move the ball more than five meters to the next player. Spain will keep the ball, the Germans have to run without the ball. Some coaches had reacted to the flood of goals four years earlier at the World Cup in Switzerland and introduced straddling after the ball. But although coach Sampaoli at times used his full offensive powers, the Albiceleste were unable to score in an aggressive game.

According to media reports, Lionel Messi was earmarked for the Best Player award, however, no player received the award. Just four years after the "Miracle of Bern", the Herberger team failed in the "Battle of Gothenburg" against hosts Sweden in the semi-finals, only to then lose the game for third place against the French miracle team around the player Just Fontaine. When Carles Puyol, the actual leader of the team, came on for Dani Alves two minutes from the end of the game to collect the trophy in a fitting manner (Pep Guardiola, to everyone's surprise, had decided not to play his captain due to lack of fitness), substitute captain Xavi Hernandez handed him the armband as a matter of course on the pitch. 2 Müller and Netzer shared second place. The memorable battles in Mexico against England and Italy in the quarter- and semi-finals are still remembered in retrospect, or the second World Cup title, which was won at the home World Cup against a playfully much better Dutch team. That's why the German national team shouldn't take the Spaniards lightly in today's semifinals.

One would have liked to see how the German team would have fared against Paraguay. And the German team and all the fans who will now pin even more black, red and gold flags to their cars or lapels? During the award ceremony, goalscorer Mario Götze and Shkodran Mustafi demonstratively showed the national team jersey of Marco Reus, who was part of the original World Cup squad but had to be replaced by Mustafi after an injury in the last friendly before the World Cup against Armenia. He had a bad day against Paraguay. Sure, Spain were also lucky with Villa's 83rd-minute goal against Paraguay in the quarter-finals. Paraguay is an international equivalent of this style, of destructiveness for survival. Against a team that is out to destroy the flow of the game from the first minute because they can't keep up anyway, a draw because they still have a 50 percent chance of winning in a penalty shoot-out, otherwise no 10 percent. And again four years later, the so-called "non-aggression pact" was signed with the neighbor in Gijón, which then threw Algeria out of the competition. Of course it can still happen that Germany is in the lead again after four minutes with 1-0. The poverty rate calculated according to a shopping cart rose to over 50%. From 2003 onwards, the values ​​slowly normalized again, but until 2006 the poverty rate remained well above the values ​​of the 1990s at over 20% despite a decline.

The FIFA Ballon d'Or was awarded up to and including 2015, for which FIFA paid 15 million euros, according to media reports. From 1956 to 2006, the Ballon d'Or was awarded to "Europe's Footballer of the Year". Sabella played a total of eight games for Argentina until 1984. In the end it was 6-0 and Argentina's second final. Both had met two years earlier already faced at the Olympic Games in the final, which was only won by Uruguay in the replay, whereas Argentina won the South American Championship a year earlier.If you double Villa and Xavi and Iniesta do the same, there are gaps elsewhere which can be Fabregas, Llorente or Pedro How strong are the nerves of the Germans when the score is still 0-0 after 75 minutes Sampdoria signed another Argentinian forward in Maxi López on loan this season, with whom Icardi also got on well off the field understanding. In the 2014/15 season, Icardi was joint top scorer with Luca Toni with 22 league goals and was able to challenge Ricardo Álvarez for his regular place. Icardi became Turkish champion with Galatasaray. A brief look at the recent past shows this quite clearly. Even if the Spaniards haven't really been able to convince in the tournament so far, it seems a bit overplayed, burned out and at least not fresh, in contrast to the many games that are mainly in the bones of the leading players Albiceleste a real team that acts together.

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